About the Alumni Committee

The NOHA Alumni Committee has currently 4 internationally based Members, all NOHA Alumni: graduates of different universities and promotions.

Currently, the Committee is composed of the following Members and functions:

  • Derya Kizil (Coordinator–  NOHA-Louvain 2010/2011)

    Derya has done her undergraduate in Political Sciences at the University Saint-Louis, Belgium. During her studies in Brussels she volunteered with the European Association of Turkish Academics. She has studied NOHA at University Catholic of Louvain, Belgium and University of Deusto in Spain, and did her internship with the Human Ressource Section at the Belgian Development Agency  in Brussels, Belgium. During her NOHA experience in the University of Yogyakarta, in Indonesia, Derya especially has been interested in legal challenges in humanitarian action, resulting in another postgraduate degree in Human Right Law at the University of Saint-Louis, Belgium.

  • Aitor Urkiola (Treasurer, NOHA-Deusto, 1995)

Aitor studied the initial NOHA programme in 1994-95 in Deusto and Oxford's Refugee Studies Centre. Before NOHA course, he had experience with NGO work in the Basque Country and field work in Croatia, with Bosnian Refugees. After working for Intermon-Oxfam and NOHA Secretariat in Deusto, Aitor moved to Barcelona in 2000to work in GRAIN as Assistant to the Coordinator. GRAIN is a small international NGO working to support small farmers and social movements in their struggles for community-controlled and biodiversity-based food systems. GRAIN is 2011 Right Livelihood Award laureate.

  • Daniela Krings (Professional Career Development Officer, NOHA-Bochum, 2006/2007)

Before joining the NOHA network, Daniela studied cultural science at the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt/O.. After two internships in South Africa and Berlin she did the NOHA programme in Bochum (2006/2007). Shortly after completion she joined the NOHA team in Bochum, organising the 2008/2009 course. She left Bochum at the end of 2008 and started working for Malteser International as programme assistant spending 6 month in South Sudan. Then Daniela joined the Malteser team at Headquarters in Cologne working there as programme officer for the South Sudan programmes.

Morse is the current Coordinator of the Minorities Fellowship Programme of the  United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in Geneva. 

Prior to that, he served as the coordinator of the technical secretariat of the United Nations Indigenous Peoples Partnership (UNIPP)- the first global inter-agency initiative among five UN agencies (ILO, UNICEF, UNDP, UNFPA & OHCHR) on indigenous issues with a programmatic focus at the country level, supported and complemented by strategic interventions at regional and international levels.  

Morse has over 15 years of combined professional experience in the field of human rights, international cooperation and development & humanitarian assistance with various UN agencies and other international organizations, including intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations. He is a NOHA graduate from the University of Duesto (Bilbao, Spain), University of Ruhr (Bochum, Germany) and Uppsala University (Uppsala, Sweden) as an Erasmus Mundus Scholar with the European Commission. He joined the NOHA Alumni Committee in 2015.

Previous members of the Alumni Committee:

  • Bruno Cerqueira (NOHA-Bochum 2010/2012)
  • Gabriella Irsten (NOHA-Bochum, 2009/2011)
  • Guido van Heugten ( NOHA-Uppsala, 2010/2012)
  • Lena Zimmer (NOHA-Bochum, 2009/2011)
  • Viren Falcao (NOHA-Bochum, 2007/2008)
  • Seeme Fayaz (NOHA-Uppsala 2004/2005)
  • Janine Azzam (NOHA-Bochum, 2006/2007)
  • Bo Hurkmans (NOHA-Dublin, 2009/2011)
  • Sherry Panggabean (NOHA-Uppsala, 2008/2010)
  • Stefan Moschini (NOHA-Deusto, 1999/2000)
  • David Loquercio (NOHA-Louvain, 1999/2000)
  • Myrthe Wajer (NOHA-Groningen, 2009/2010)
  • Linda Sparre (NOHA-Dublin, 2008/2009)
  • Selma Scheewe (NOHA-Groningen, 2005/2006)
  • Margot Steenbergen (NOHA-Groningen, 2006/2007)
  • Alicia Gimenez Garcia (NOHA-Deusto, 2008/2010)
  • Pilar Mendoza (NOHA-Uppsala, 2008/2010)
  • Ciara Eustace (NOHA-Dublin, 2006/2007)
  • Coleen Heemskerk (NOHA-Uppsala, 2003/2004)
  • Susan van Duijl (NOHA-Groningen, 2002/2003)
  • Karin Werkman (NOHA-Dublin, 2008/2009)
  • Cecile De Milliano (NOHA-Groningen, 2005/2006)
  • David Knaute (NOHA-Groningen, 2004/2005)
  • Kordian Kochanowicz (NOHA-Bochum, 2006/2007)
  • Sylvia Stoll (NOHA-Dublin, 2007/2008)
  • Petra Olsson (NOHA-Uppsala, 2004/2005)
  • Hanna Radberg (NOHA-Uppsala, 2004/2005)
  • Cornelia Walther (NOHA-Louvain, 2002/2003)
  • Mart Leys (NOHA-Louvain, 2005/2006)
  • John Lakeman (NOHA-Bochum, 2006/2007)
  • Gemma Bennink (NOHA-Groningen, 2001-2002
  • Miguel Angel Prieto Vaz (NOHA-Deusto, 1996/1997)
  • Ulla Pape (NOHA-Groningen, 2004/2005)
  • Shay Shoham (NOHA-Bochum, 2005/2006)
  • Marije Mellegers (NOHA-Dublin, 2004/2005)
  • Sylvie Hessel (NOHA-Dublin, 2003/2004)
  • Maartje Voojis (NOHA-Groningen, 2005/2006)
  • Suzanne Versteegh (NOHA-Groningen, 2000/2001)
  • Ela Serdaroglu (NOHA-Groningen, 2001/2002)
  • Goossen Hoenders (NOHA-Groningen, 2002/2003)
  • Lutz Krebs (NOHA-Dublin, 2003/2004)
  • Sven Peterke (NOHA-Bochum, 2000/2001)
  • Christian Schmitt (NOHA-Bochum, 2000/2001)
  • Octavio de la Varga (NOHA-Deusto, 1997/1998)
  • Gorka Gurrutia (NOHA-Deusto, 1997/1998)