About the NOHA Alumni Community

After the end of the IP it is possible that you will not see most of the people you have just met for quite some time. This is a shame, because this makes it harder to share reflections on humanitarian issues, exhange valuable experiences and keep track of one another, especially after graduation.

This has changed with the creation of the NOHA Alumni Community in 2003. It is our aim to provide you with the possibility to keep in touch with the rest of the 'family' wherever you are in the world, to exchange ideas and information or in short: to make use of the potential of the NOHA-network.

Today the community is a network of around 3000 NOHA-graduated professionals, many of whom are currently working in the field of humanitarian action and international development co-operation. They hold various positions of responsibility in all kinds of national and international agencies, institutions, and organisations both in the field and at headquarters all around the world. Such positions include project managers, administrators, researchers, evaluators, consultants, and delegates.

Let’s start networking!